On this page, you can find information on the life of Edda Martini, the art exhibitions she participated in, and the projects she worked on. For more information please contact us!

Biography – All main events in painter Edda Martini’s life, gathered and elaborated by her daughter Daniela Morisi.
Exhibitions – Complete list of shows where Edda Martini’s paintings have been exhibited. This includes the painter’s personal art shows and the collective exhibitions she participated in.
Projects – A list of the main projects Edda Martini took part in during her career. Among other things, these include participating in events and manifestations in the whereabouts of the city of Carpi, collaborations with institutes and associations, donations to parishes and charities, prizes, and competitions.
Time-pictures – A collection of vintage photos and pictures of significance from Edda Martini’s life and family: following a whole century of history of the territory, the page starts from the beginning of the XX century with black and white family portraits, and ends with the most recent available pictures of the painter.