Il libro dei colori

“Just before falling ill, my mother managed to squeeze a promise out of me: that I would write her biography.” (pp. 10)

“(This Book,) born from the promise of a biography, instead chose the guise of an autobiography for itself, which appeared to be more suitable. Or so it seemed, at least.
In the end, however, I had to come to terms with the fact that Houses are the real protagonists.
Or colors, as it’s fitting for the one who inspired it.
Or maybe not. Maybe time is the Protagonist. Time, which rages everywhere and creates and destroys and confuses.” (pp. 270)

“Palette: a thin board made of wood, with a hole on the side to insert a thumb in and support it on the forearm; artists use it to prepare, dilute and mix colors. Colors that juxtapose, match, and mingle. Sometimes willingly. Sometimes accidentally. Like scraps of poetry…” (pp. 326)

by Daniela Morisi (translation by Gaia Forghieri)

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